Stars in my Eyes

Stars in my Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

Stream of consciousness write 12 minutes! Against the stars skirmish prompt . Music added very quickly actually might be worth redoing this one and doing some backing and some production!


Scattered all around me
A night time to behold
The youthful bright standing out
The dull and dying old

The stars that cover my whole sky
Light the dullest night
Everyone who seems them here
Are awed just by there sight

I wonder what is out there
As each night time i stare
it just seems plain arrogance
To think theres no one there

I dream of being out there
So close that i could touch
Id take a paintbrush with me
The dull ones id re touch

They make me mix reality
With fantasies of my own
The science whispering in my head
But so much else unknown

I wonder what is out there
As each night time i stare
it just seems plain arrogance
To think theres no one there

I guess i’ll just enjoy it
See what i see
Sit and watch beneath those stars
And simply let it be

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I love the melody on the first line of the "verse" stanzas. Especially on "The stars that cover..." This is pretty damn good for a twelve minute write. I like the last two lines of the lyric, too. Kind of sums up the "high road" perspective on your subject matter.

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Wonderful writing and love melody! Perfect for the prompt!

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I like the lyric "I wonder what is out there". It says a lot. You paint a beautiful picture with your lyrics.

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Such a beautiful song, starting from a beautiful title, beautiful intro, beautiful, intimate and very appealing lyrics, vocals and playing. It is absolutely wonderful to listen to your song!

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12 minutes?? Yowzers! Yes, go back and work with this. I love the wonderment and curiosity in these lyrics. That balance of what could be with what is known (so far). Beautiful images if taking a paintbrush to touch up the sky.

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I love how each verse add something new that I can relate to. You have captured the amazement of the sky and universe wonderfully. I love the vocals and melodies. Unbelievable for 12 minutes of work!

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Nice take and amazing it could come out so quickly. I spend 12 minutes just gathering my thoughts.

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Such a meaningful and uplifting song. Well done on the skirmish!