Last Day of Summer (Mix)

Last Day of Summer (Mix)

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Liner Notes: 

The other day I noodled a tune and posted it as instrumental. Then I thought I should be able to add a vocal track, so I made some lyrics to suit. That was difficult to do, to make words fit something that was not planned evenly with correct meter and chords. But I arrived at a lyric and added it to my noodle tune. Took awhile as it was a new thing for me. After listening, I added another track with mandolin chords to fill in some gaps.
I have learned many things during this process. It is not easy to start with the noodle. It would have been better to do dome planning, instead of just keep adding stuff to make it sound OK.
But next time I will have some better ideas.


Summertime was a song
with a melody that floated on the breeze
and like the wind
the songs floated in
to charm and lure and tease

Summertime. It was a season.
With goals that beckoned to be met
and like a game
the scores were kept
accomplishments no one will forget

The morning dawned clear and cold,
with a crispness in the air
that hinted end of summertime
and the end of our love affair

Summertime. It was a song.
It was a season well written
And like a dream, it glides away
as the autumn winds they do quicken
as the autumn winds do quicken

The end-of-summer winds
Whispering from afar
makes us want some comfort place
its time to rest for awhile

A fallen leaf is nothing more
than a summer’s wave goodbye.
Summertime. It was a song
And like a dream, it glides away.

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Lovely job you did! A really sweet song, and something we're all feeling right now, and congrats on your first big mix. You should well be proud. I hope to hear many more as time passes! Smile
Well done!

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It sounds very spontaneous to my ears. A lovely vocal performance which lends to the general feel of the story. My favourite line is "A fallen leaf is nothing more
than a summer’s wave goodbye." Enjoyed the listen.

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Lovely tune and words. I'm in the same boat, music production-wise. Just keep doing it and be okay with not being the happiest with your first attempts. I need to hear this too!

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Yay multitracking! This is another great example of your talent. Sounds so clean and polished. I wish I could sing lol I do hip hop because my voice is animated but I can’t sing a tune. I am jealous. Really enjoyed this, some of your vocal runs are just angelic.

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‘A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye’ - wow! So powerful. Descriptive lyrics and the magic sound of the mandolin. Beautiful voice

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Could have been a Carter Family song! You create quite the mood and the bitter-sweet lyrics are fantastic.

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Reminds me of old films fir the family that used songs like this to link parts of the story! Very well done

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Linda's multi-tracking premiere is lovely!! Well done! This song is a beautiful "dream that glides away"...

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congratulations. it sounds lovely and flowing. love the folk feel of this, some lovely lines in here and the melody is lovely... fully formed for a noodle which you then built on. best way to learn is on the job, just do it and see what comes up, like you have here. well done Smile

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This is so pretty and full of such poetic lines that are beautifully sung...well done on the multi-tracking too...sounds great!