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Liner Notes: 

A song about giving my body to someone who doesnt deserve me, because i just want to feel loved.

this demo is a little messy because it’s haphazardly spliced together from several different takes, so try your best to imagine it as one cohesive recording


I fell apart when I got home.
Cursed you out and swore I never wanted to see you again
I had barely held it together in your car.
I could still smell you on my body
for like three days after

I took like 5 showers but still it wasnt enough
I could still smell your sweat on my skin and
I wish I could throw out my body
Buy myself a new one and forget I ever let you touch me

But two days later I’m in your arms again
And you’re buying me dinner, probably so I’ll feel like I owe you something.
You come pick me up at my house
Wish I’d never told you where I live; but it’s too late now, yes it’s too late now

Your radiator’s on the fritz
So we leave your car, and go downtown
I’m fine until my defenses are worn down
I need an escape I’m suffocating
Lock myself in the bathroom and I’m hyperventilating

I only end up stuck with someone like you because i fucking hate myself
I wanna hate you but I’m afraid I’d never feel love from anyone else

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i like the way the lines roll in to each other. good lyric - i think its worth pursuing its got a little something compelling about it!

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Familiar ground for so many. Even relationships can be addictive; you know it's toxic and yet it's hard to break free. Good approach to the subject and from an engineering standpoint, I could hear the breaks, but it's still pretty solid.