I Don't Love Songs

I Don't Love Songs

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I Don't Love Songs (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

So unlike most of the songs I've posted recently, this was a brand new idea that inspired me in the past month or so, and I was really proud of it, it felt fresh and clever. In a bit of a depression (or maybe just a rut), I was thinking about how I didn't have as much passion for music as I usually did, as if I didn't love them anymore, I just liked them. I was like, whoa, "I Don't Love Songs," that is a great title! I feel like it makes people think, "What does that mean?" and pulls them in for that reason.

"The scent of beer soaked pine makes me think of live music" was also a line that came into my head in the past month or so. I guess I was reminiscing about the good old (pre-covid) days when live music was abundant and simple, and that sensory image popped into my head. In my list of possible lines for songs I also found the "music makes me fall in love with everything again and again and again" and the "sick to your stomach" second verse. I realized they all kind of went together so I molded them all into a single song.

I think it's fairly catchy, but maybe doesn't stand out that much. But it's a favorite for me because I find the lyrics really eloquent, and that's the most important thing for me. Like, this is a deep feeling and experience I have in my life, that i've never heard expressed quite perfectly in a song before, but I accomplished it for myself. That's so satisfying.


The scent of beer soaked pine makes me think of live music
Makes me think of a world of friends and the best days of my life
Makes me think of my inner power and of knowing how to use it
And of calming meditations and dreams bursting from inside

Music's made me fall in love with everything
Again and again and again
It used to be my reminder that I was alive

But I don't love songs anymore
I only like them now
And I don't dream of open doors
Because I only wear them out

And I always wondered how common it was to get sick to your stomach
At that perfect mix of passion and purpose and harmony and rhyme
Because it happened to me all the time, it happened to me all the time

Music's made me fall in love with everything, again and again and again
And when it comes back around then I'll come back to life

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Love the twist and your solid performance!

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yes nice one! well told feeling story! clever word use and structure

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Funny, I get what you mean. I've lost something with trying to write all these songs for the 50/90. Too much of a good thing maybe. Maybe a change of genre would help? I like your performance as well on this one btw.

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That chorus is perfect, Amanda! It's so catchy and your lyrics are relatable.

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well done...your back! we all get into a musical rut....nice catchy tune