When Will You Come Home

When Will You Come Home

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Liner Notes: 

I am trying to finish the stuff I started earlier, when I had too much free time. I didn't use that time wisely. I see that now I have no free time.

I had a set of lyrics for this fully formed titled Your Town. The chorus has been sitting for a while as a 3 chord 4 bar loop. I could not find music for the verse or a mid 8 to match. I even advertised in the small ads. Chorus seeks verse to mix with, must have gsh. Alas no suitable matches. I was playing it on a loop tonight, and decided to try some free vocals over the top to see what popped out. This is the result. New lyrics are very simple. Still think it needs a middle 8 though. Work on it later maybe. Need to sleep now

Again I will add lyric later, but they are not hard to pick up really.

I freestyled some vocal melodies over the loop and worked out the verse and chorus. I did not have time to work out the other verses and did not want to forget the melodies, so I did 3 vocal passes and they seemed to work well. I posted the result, but now I've had time to write the next two verses and work out how they fit. We will see if they accent the song or break it.


When Will You Come Home
Music and Lyrics by Mark Scullion 2021

I wait alone outside your work place
You leave a small bar nearby
With your workplace friends
Walking hand in hand
With someone I know
I watch you go
I watch you go

When will you come home

I follow far behind
To a trendy joint nearby
Outside looking in
I see you dancing close
With someone I know
I watch alone
I have to go

When will you come home

I take the bus back to an empty house
A message on the machine
I hear happy sounds your staying out
With someone I know
Don't wait up

When will you come home
When will you come home

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I am here for a nice dose of 80s synthpop. This builds nicely, and the vocals remind me strongly of the late lamented Mark Hollis; this could easily be an outtake from a Talk Talk album. Downloaded!