The World Is Awesome

The World Is Awesome

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The World Is Awesome (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

I'm not too happy with any aspect of this song tbh (I may fix it up and release it, or I may do nothing with it). But hey, another unfinished idea finished and in the vault. I've been kinda depressed lately and have almost no creative motivation, but I'm going to have to force myself to get through old ideas if I want to hit 50 (and it seems crazy to give up now). Also yeah, this song is a message to myself more than anyone else!

The original idea had a lot to it, but I scrapped most of it. The parts I kept was "I used to think I was a cynic just like you" and "The world is awesome." The original idea was "The world is awesome, except when it's not" as in, some people's lives might be so bad that their world sucks, but mine isn't. But then I felt like that was too much focus on the negative, so I flipped it a little bit and focused on health, family, adequate resources, etc. instead of people who might lack those things. I still like the idea, I just think I didn't execute it that well either musically or lyrically. The melody sounded a lot cooler in my head but when I listened back to it I was like hm... haha.


Once I let it all go it dawns on me
Just how beautiful the world is
With perfect greens and blues from sky to sea
Oratleastthat'swhatIfeel when the light, hits
And oh, the simple pleasures
A sunny walk, a warm shower
A home cooked meal, finished with freshly baked cookies

And I'm healthy, and I've got so many people who love me
Got everything I need to be happy
Got nothing to complain about, so why should I?
When the world is awesome, the world is awesome

Once I opened my eyes I found myself
Noticing man is remarkably kind
Why do we witness acts of love that we never tell
But we talk about the bad things all the time
And oh, to be a human
In static times, in revolution
There is nothing like the touch and the love we share

I used to think I was a cynic just like you
But now we're as different as the night and the day
And your negativity is getting in your way
You're wrong if you believe that growing up means growing bitter
Stop saying that the world is going to shit
The bad has always existed, and so the good will always exist

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Cool. Positive thinking is always a great medicine !

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It really is. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that fact, so this is a very welcome message.

And c'mon, what's not to like about "A home cooked meal, finished with freshly baked cookies"? Bliss!