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Liner Notes: 

This one was left unfinished a a few weeks ago! Did a bit more on it and decided to let it into the world. Akai MPK for beats and synths, Incredibox for vox and more beats and trumpet played through a psychedelic plug in Was fun to do some more on it today! more to do of course!


well never go back to back come on yer!

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This is really groovy. Different for you and indeed it sounds like it was tons of fun to do. Some great sounds in a lovely mix, but partilcularly loving the Herb Albert horns in there! Got me dancing! Smile

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Agree with Wolf.

Sounds like it was a fun production! Sounds top notch! I find there's a lot of EDM? Electronica? that I like!


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Fun! And reminds me of a roller coaster in a way. Great!

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Yow, this one really barges in and takes over! That enormous bass line made me think of Flat Eric, but the layers of ear candy in this are very much their own thing. And the brass totally make this worth the price of admission!

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Oooooh, yeah! Digging the beats and the Vox, which gave it a bit of EDM and some soul! Nice mix!

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Reminded me of a train chugging down the tracks. It definitely makes me want to get up and dance. I like background vocals. Really fun and enjoyable.

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This is utterly crazy, and so much fun to listen to as a result. Was waiting for that brass, thinking this better be good given how late in the song it’s appearing—and wow, brilliant!

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Well this is commercial isn’t it? Different to your usual but in no way diminished. Radio friendly vibes