The Hat

The Hat

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Liner Notes: 

This was a fun collab with lyrics by Wackamoose. It is my first use of my new electric guitar on the tracks. I have an Ibanez played into Garage Band with the "Amazing Tweed" amp emulator and using a Tube Burner and Flange Factory in the pedalboard for the solo. The rhythm guitar was the same played into the "clean" amp simulator.

Surf's up, dude!


I bought a hat in London

My friends were so impressed

Only when I wore that hat

Did I feel fully dressed

When I wore it to the clubs

I always got the girls

The young would bat their lashes

The old would clutch their pearls

But something happened late one night

That left me all alone

I loved that hipster pork pie hat

But someone else wore it home

Some folks swear by money

Others say it's fame

Some give the nod to blue suede shoes

At least that's what they claim

Some say it's just the way you're born

Some make a careful plan

But I know the real deal

It's the hat that makes the man

I bought a hat in London
It’s all part of the plan
‘Cause I know the real deal
It’s the hat that makes the man

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This has a kind of Warren Zevon vibe, maybe it’s the reference to London and the slightly offbeat lyrics. It’s all very charming! Love the solo, that’s got real character. Great collab, well played!

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Ha ha! I had to look up Warren Zevon, and I was surprised to find that I used to look a lot like him! Except for the balding on my part - hence the hats!
Thanks for the listen and comment.

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This is a great tune, but I've got to tell ya - I was drawn in by the fact that the hat was a pork-pie hat. How does anyone NOT look cool in one of those? Great work all around, though. I was reminded a bit of The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.

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Yeah that hat is definitely boss! Thanks for the Mighty Bosstones reference! I had to look them up too. I like what I heard - I thought about adding horns to the track. That would have made it even more like them I suppose. Thanks for the comment.

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You can't go wrong with a decent hat. It's true. (Rather relieved to discover that this wasn't a song about James Lanza. That would have been a somewhat darker tale...)

Love that solo. The tone is pure Adrian Belew!

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Love it! Read the lyrics the other day... Always a great to hear them come to life with music! What a great song!


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Well this is a bop. The instrumentation is cheery and energetic, and I like the keys in particular. Love the solo! There's nothing quite like a good hat.

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Thanks for the comment - Glad the keys came thru for you. I was so worried about the guitar parts (my first attempt at electric guitar). The keys were midi of course, imitation Wurly I believe.

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great set of! Love that stop and start solo. I tip my hat to you.

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Man, this is just fun. I had read the lyrics when they were first posted and was entertained by then. Adding the music and vocals really brings this to life. Great fun feel and vibe to it.

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LOve the energy, and my goal is to learn how to mix this kind of music with GarageBand.

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You've captured the 60's vibe on this perfectly, could imagine it on Rowan and Martin's laugh in! Nice guitar tone and fun lyrics.