A Good Sunset

A Good Sunset

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Liner Notes: 

Had it in mind to write 'Sunset" as my final lyric posting for this year's 50/90, but this slight alteration in the title hook came to me today and decided to post it.

I'm sure i will post more. Heehee : - )

Had it in mind originally as something with a fast dance beat, maybe electronica but then thought some of the vocab didn't vibe with something rhythmic but who knows.
Could also picture this as a ballad with soft sounding music and or a guitar solo and ocean tide sounds with a few sea gulls.

Open to collaboration


A Good Sunset

A good sunset
Will relax the mind
That orangey glow
Helps me unwind
A good sunset
Melts into the night
Soothing look has power
Hypnotic sight

A good sunset
Calms the heart and soul
Magic in the sky
Makes me feel whole
A good sunset
Ushers in the dark
It's the days final stand
And one last spark

I make a wish when looking west
Never ever getting stressed
Knowing this feeling will return if I get
A really, really good sunset

A good sunset
From a sandy shore
With gulls flying high
And so much more
A good sunset
Whispers and a kiss
Can do lots for my health
Heavenly bliss

Sunfire © 2021

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Lovely vivid descriptions and beautiful sentiment. I truly hope that this is not your final 50/90 post!

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all true. makes me nostalfic for when lived on the western shore with the sun setting on the sea's horizon. havent seen a sunset in many years now, so thank you for the lyric that brings them back into my vision.

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Lovely visions. Nice write. It feels appropriate to all of us slowing down here with 50/90.

headfirstonly's picture

Very true. Always nice to recognise a fellow aficionado of good sunsets (I've had some cracking ones here over the last few days). They really are magic in the sky.

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Ooooo....I like this. Any chance I can take a shot at putting some music to this?