Yesterday was Different

Yesterday was Different

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Liner Notes: 

A while before 50/90 A friend of mine passed away! His wife wrote a few words very similar to the first verse! The other day i decided to have a play with them - Talking to the person we agreed to not make it about them just use the flavour so i agreed to that! I them changed it into male rather than female and then changed and added more verses!
I rather like the outcome Good onya Den and thx Lynie for your words!


The forest of skyscrapers stand so proud
Like sentries across the river
the sailboats greet the tide
As the dark clouds start to figure

I watch the olive trees below the window
Shake out their silvery coat
And far off, the tree covered hills lie
They sit and wave and float

Why oh why
did it have to be today
Now everything you know
Will never be ok


Yesterday was different
Although we new it was near
But now my only thought
is to try and hide a tear

You are now in quiet slumber
All quite and unaware
the wheel keeps turning
It just isnt fair

Why oh why
did it have to be today
Now everything you know
Will never be ok

And my heart lies broken and cries
For her…….

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Sorry to read of your loss.
This is a pretty tribute to your friend. Full of poetic images of peace and repose. The pain is palpable. Well done.

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This is so full of imagery. When we get to the line about how the "wheel keeps turning" we realize that all the descriptive language of the song is referring to the turning wheel of life that your friend won't see anymore. Poignant stuff. I'm sorry about your loss. Those last lines really connect

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Beautiful tribute with so many touching and wonderful lines. It hurts my heart to hear this.

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I was going to make a teasing comment about, "What--are you going for 100 songs this time around?"...and then I noticed you're well beyond that!


Amazing how prolific you are this time around--a lot of it with lyrics that I am having a new appreciation for. This is yet another great song to be proud of. A lovely tribute!

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A heartfelt tribute, very moving. Great setting of the lyrics.