Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

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Liner Notes: 


I don’t mind a turkey
As part of a thanksgiving feast
Won’t say no to stuffing or yams
Or even mama’s green beans

But mashed potatoes and gravy
Are what I’m thinking of
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Mean love

Neil wants his T-bone
But I couldn’t care less
If I got mashed potatoes
You can save the rest

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Give me just what I need
Mashed potatoes and gravy

I see folks in their fancy clothes
And their plates arranged in concordance
But when I can sculpt a mountaintop
It means something, it’s important!

Don’t serve me no baked potato
All covered with cream and chives
It don’t blend up quite the way that it should
And those green things give me hives

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Are on the menu tonight
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Do alright

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Not a meat n potatoes eater myself but I love this and especially during holidays. Brings good thoughts and memories.

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The thought of chives giving you hives made me laugh out loud! I also like the image of you sculpting a mountain. I can relate to this, as a vegetarian. I love mashed potatoes too! Nicely done!

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nice! love those shout outs to that obscure Neil album 're-ac-tor' (i think that's the one, right?) and to richard dreyfuss in 'close encounters'! fun and ...ah those carbs, so true! Smile

fun guitar work too,fits with the 'neil' shout-out too!

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What a delightful and fun song! great performance too! I love how you list out the foods and then feature your favorite in the chorus! Oh and a big YES to "sculpt a mountaintop"!!! Nice work on the skirmish!

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In New Zealand we can get mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC - my aunt swears it's the best hangover cure. Can't get it here in the UK.
I like the lead lines around the vocals, a nice tone on the guitar. A great fun song...

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Wonderful and I love mashed potatoes too! Clever and nice guitar!

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These are great tasty and fun lyrics! I love the classic rock feel delivery with a down home delicious hook! Great take on the skirmish prompt!

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I have a made a meal or two out of just mashed potatoes. Love the upbeat music and fun lyrics. Very tasty song Smile