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Liner Notes: 

A theme song for introverts.

Please leave me be. My own corner of the world is far away from the attention of everyone else. It’s where I like to be. It’s where I belong.

Lyrics: glyne3
Vocal/music: Steven X Davies


There’s a spotlight hanging over me
It’s much brighter than I’d like it to be.
I’m more comfortable in the dark shadows
Where I feel safe from life’s burning glow.
The less you see me, the less I show
Who I am inside, no one really knows.

Now at Centre Stage, everything’s exposed
Want to run and hide. Keep the curtains closed.
But this spotlight’s bulb just ain’t going dim
Should I let down my guard? Let someone in?
Dive in head first! Will I sink, or swim?
What if it all ends before it begins?

A show biz star? That I’ll never be
Kid, you’ll go far! No one ever said to me.
Born with two left feet. A frog in my throat
Staying hidden away, my only antidote.
Now your spotlight’s stuck above my head
Filling my dead soul with despair and dread.

There’s a spotlight hanging over me
You put it there to help get to know me.
I’d rather weather the storm outside please
Even rather fall over and skin both my knees.
Watch me fade into the background, where I belong
Take what you can from this self loathing song.

Cut the spotlight’s warmth. Kill the audience cues.
No one came to hear me sing the blues.
And The more you pry, the less I’ll share
Who I am inside, even I can’t bear.
Your efforts won’t get you anywhere
Your spotlight’s gleam doesn’t fit in here.

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