Outlaw with no Name

Outlaw with no Name

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Liner Notes: 

This came to me in a rush! Seemed like a good story. Was done pretty quick but with some work will fit for the album i think


V1 I lived it rough
and i lived it tough
I did things i shouldn’t have done
And I always new
that one day
It would end with a smoking gun

V2 But i never thought
It would be today
To say my last farewell
Then i saw his eyes
And i new for sure
I was on my way to hell

V3 And i now remember him
Watching me
When he was a boy
As i shot
His father dead
In a bar in Illinois

B some things you know
Are meant to be be
Justice will be done

Sometime its
With a pen
Today will be a gun

V4 I didn’t even
Try to draw
I knew what was in store

I heard the click
The loud retort
And now there is no more

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Those strings sound great! The instrumentation in general is terrific. I like the storytelling, the end of a long and violent career comes with a literal bang and an inward sigh. Great write

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What a beautiful track from note one. Great instrumentation love the violins coming in for the intermezzos. Your voice with that Tom Waites goes "West" delivery makes for storytelling at its best. Really great tune Paradiso.

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I felt as if I was watching the end of classic western movie and this was the closing score....wonderful...i have no other clever words to say!!
WINNER my friend.

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Great intro and it gets even better from there on in...a classic in the making!

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I like the sound, nice story song, well delivered.