Keep it 100 (Mea Culpa)(NOW Featuring DJTJB!!!)

Keep it 100 (Mea Culpa)(NOW Featuring DJTJB!!!)

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Liner Notes: 

Guitars/Bass VI/Production/Vocals: Nahlej

i dunno lol this one's pretty weird but it was a lot of fun making it!


Keep it 100 (mea culpa)

(Verse 1)

Not a swag rapper
More like the mad hatter
Only sadder
Writing the verse
While I empty my bladder
Not a nihilist
But I get why they feel like nothin really matters
Dreams shattered
I’m fried: beer battered
Like the track? Im Flattered
Workin on getting fatter
Potter patter let’s get at ‘er
Wither faster cuz I’m the master
Of none

(Verse 2)

Rubber band dapper Dan
Microphone like a scalpel in my hand
I kill it with precision
Grab the track and make my first incision
Got that LASIK laser vision
Y’all just basic, cable television
Im that Hulu premium ad free subscription writing scripture taking prescriptions find yourself lacking I’m the piece that’s missing

rollin blunt after blunt after blunt
pullin stunt after stunt after stunt
Stick me with a fork
cuz I’m done cuz I’m done cuz I’m done lemme slow it down
cuz ya dumb cuz ya dumb cuz ya dumb

My bad my bad my bad
My bad my bad my bad
Gotta keep it 100
Gotta keep it 100

Rollin up this funky stuff
We been puffin cannabis
We been pro as fuck
Y’all just amateurs

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Dig it. Always top production. Love the bass and the word salad.

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Sounds great, the bass is very good and the guitars add a lovely extra dimension. The my bad repetition is strong.

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Yeah, this is the sort of tune you do so effortlessly well. Indie hip hop, it’s very very cool. Those guitar tones are awesome, love that lazy bass line, vocal delivery is uniquely yours and wonderful. Pitch shifted vocal at the end is a great choice too!