Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

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Liner Notes: 

My wife listened to this and said: "So you've got a bunch of french people escaping their burning building. Did the narrator set fire to it? Where did this come from?"

All I could say is "Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear! And... I don't think the narrator set fire to the building, but I can't be sure"

What I was going for was, a bunch of very different people with very different lives and aspirations can be suddenly brought together and made the same by one relatively small event. In this case, a fire in an apartment building.

Did it work? Maybe not. Ah well


Pete Garnier got nothing to say, for all he’s on the move
Head down, each morning off to town, he’s got a lot to prove

Petite Cezanne, wears her cap like a man, and quotes Fourier
On the top floor, she’ll give you what for, if you get in her way

Fire alarm, fire alarm, wake from your sleep
Fire alarm, fire alarm, get to the street

Fire alarm, fire alarm, only half awake
Fire alarm, fire alarm, it’s no mistake

Sweet Marie never bothered with me, she can afford to choose
Between the gifts from the men on her list, she has the most to lose

Old Pierre’s always out on the stair, to pass the time of day
He doesn’t move like he did in his youth, hope he’ll get out okay

Fire alarm, fire alarm, out in the cold
Fire alarm, fire alarm, young and old

Fire alarm, fire alarm, leaves us as we came
Fire alarm, fire alarm, watching the flame

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Such a casual storytelling about a crisis situation. I did live in a building once, when the fire alarm went off, people would look out their apartment door, sniff for smoke, then go back inside. Only once did we evacuate for a fire. Very good descriptions of the residents here.

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Nice storytelling here. I think Pete set the fire because he got distracted and forgot about the oil in his frying pan…..but maybe that is the red herring to this mystery of who set off the fire alarm!