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Liner Notes: 

It took several FAWM seasons and collaborators to finally get some meat on this demo. It's not completed by any means but at least now it has some body to it. I've been impressed with Garner for many years. She's not around much anymore but it was always a pleasure to write songs with her and to listen to her angelic voice and arrangements. She lent her vocals to this track, but I could never get it to go where I would have wanted. Then along comes Gary and he suggests some nylon guitar work and a "less is more" approach to the arrangement. It definitely works, but there are some things that still need to be ironed out. It's a very personal song and it ultimately does have a happy ending. However, it has been something I've been wanting to purge for some time.

Please enjoy the jelly!


She was the cool 1 ready 2 have fun (and)
I was the object of her true heart's desire
Equally curious, sexually studious (we)
Took some time before we put out the fire
When it was obvious we were beyond lust (we)
Closed our eyes and raised our expectations higher

I came 2 U eagerly, my love, withholding nothing
In U I saw everything that could possibly B
4 as much as I knew, I was still a young flower untouched
The trust I invested in us I believed would be 4 all time

We were the young 1s loving our new fun (we)
Felt a kinship we both hoped would last 4ever
Progressively serious, maturity stirred in us (we)
Dreamed of life's pursuits in Technicolor fashion
I was the diamond rough, she was the love so tough
Even though there'd B a fatal attraction

A stolen moment undid the love we built
A stolen moment defiled that which we shared
And someone else would know U
My love, my love - why did U forsake us?
How could U forget the delicate flower that was in your hands?

Never leave is what I said every time I went 2 bed
2 her I said every word was purity and honesty
But therein grew a darker view of me and U - a view askew
I didn't know what 2 do (what 2 do)

Like a forbidden fruit I dare not touch
But yet my heart desired it so much
I was blinded by my own deceit
And yet I walked willingly down a dark path
And in the distance I saw us
but it was not our future, but our past

I was the lost 1, she was the broken 1
We were the story that could not have no happy ending
Betrayed by a stolen kiss, words that remain remiss
Never again would I behold supposed perfection
The house on the corner block, the hands of time tick-tock (then)
Fades away and now I hold no obligation

I will always remember...

2021 The Jelly Factory!

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a unique duet, each voice in its own egg. individual miseries co-existing in seperate memories. fine vocals from each define character and emotioal states. my favorite moment is the hrd pinging of what could be a piano.

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Was wondering where this would go musically when the first verse started, but when the second vocalist jumped in with verse 2, I was totally wowed! The duet lifts the song to the next level. The piano gives it a nice punch. The echoey vocal that comes in later gives it another texture. And the lyrics - seeuctive and relatable. Well done!

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This is a really really interesting listen. Love those punchy synth bursts that punctuate the verse. The female vocal is soooo classy. Nylon strings are the perfect organic texture for the song. I should probably listen again a few times to unpick the words, feels like a lot of weight to them. Great jelly.

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Interesting...the last song I listened to here was also one that was several years old, with it being the "latest version". I mentioned that there are a few songs I did decades ago--Midi only--that I should dig up and redo some day.

Thanks for the inspiration--this is just terrific!

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saw this collab and had to listen immediately. Love those pads. The string section is so dreamy. The nylon guitar adds a lot. This is beautiful y’all. Had me a bit teary eyed…given I cry at commercials regularly…I feel my feelings…shut up!

Thanks for sharing the jelly. Oooo damn that trumpet YES!

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So much great stuff in here. Storyline of the lyrics is totally engaging; it's fantastic. The duet works wonderfully. Some great guitar by Gm7. That nylon string guitar at the end is the perfect touch. Killer bass and synth. Always top notch vocals. The jelly is just oozing...

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This is fabulous. Can see you put the thought into this. Everything works. It's very nice.

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I love it! Very powerful lyrics and performance from both. The guitar closes it out so strong. Good job folks!