Going Where They Go

Going Where They Go

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Liner Notes: 

McTown sent me these cool lyrics a few days ago! I let them ferment for a while, wasn't sure what to do and felt they deserved something good!

Yesterday it all came to me! I think i spent more time on this than any song this 50/90. I hope David likes it. It was tricky but i am as happy with what i came up with as any collab i have done for a while .


Sometimes I ..get lost in this world that is found
So found they think there’s reason for the hounds
The hounds- they’ve set on the weak and the fools
Sometime I’m.. lost in this world that is so cruel

So cruel.. in their greed
So sad..they don’t see
Who and what they are
Easy to be hard
But easy to see
Where they’re going when they go

Sometimes I..get lost in myself and walk by
Walk by.. the lies like they’re the dark of night
Dark night.. comes and goes with a wicked turn
Wicked turn.. the one that comes with numbing hurt

So cruel.. in their greed
So sad..they don’t see
Who and what they are
Easy to be hard
But easy to see
Where they’re going when they go

Am I just a number in their machine…clinging to hope that is faraway
Or am I another fool in their line.. hoping that I too can getaway
Without losing my heart in my blinded state…

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This is a lovely and gentle easy listening track. It helps lighten the message of the lyrics, which are bleak, and very definitely of their time. The harmonica breaks really work well!

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The lyric is such a heart wrenching, feelings of hopelessness. With a glimmer of hope at the end. Well written. I like the music and vocal , suits the lyric so well.

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Oh, good job on it. I had wondered if the lyric would work with the repetition of the last part of a line with the first part of the line. You worked it very well and made it better in the areas I was weak. Thanks for all the work on it. Yes, I enjoyed it and agree the harmonica added a flair to it. And, yes...it is from this time. Hope is harder to find, of late .. in the physical world. I shake my head often...and this is from that. I do believe in good stuff too though, and songs made with people here is good stuff. Rambling David

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now this is alienation, well expressed in the harp, sometimes you cross the line of demarcation to make a brief reconnaissance in neil diamond territory/

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“Lost in this world that is so cruel…” really sums it up, doesn’t it? I certainly feel lost these days… maybe why I just kept writing songs this 50/90. Like I had a place. The vocals convey the feeling of the lyrics and the music reminds me of something… late 60s maybe… but yet timeless. Bill suggested Neil Diamond but maybe a hint of Bobby Goldsboro?