Get The Hammer

Get The Hammer

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Liner Notes: 

I do love simple solutions to complex problems. Nothing is simpler than smashing it all to bits


What you see is the corner of the step is a little bit loose
There’s a spot on the floor snags the edge of your shoe

Hey, get the hammer
Knock it down a bit
Hey, get the hammer
Put a nail in

What you see is a wall that breaks up the natural flow of the room
There’s a tile thirty years out of style that It’s time to remove

Hey, get the hammer
Wind up for a hit
Hey get the hammer
Smash it all to bits

What the world needs, less words, more deeds

Anytime, anywhere, any problem that you’ve got
Take that weight on the end of a stick and give it your shot

The whole worlds a nail No problem too big It never fails
Tighten them in, drive those spikes nice and thin
Break up the slab, manageable, fit in a bag
Don’t try to resist, I’m crossing things off my list

What you see is a world at the end in need
So go ahead my friend, swing free

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Very cheerfully destructive! (I'm personally not always convinced the hammer's the *best* tool... but there are days...!)
The harmony vocal and the chugging guitar just make this so fun.

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That tile is so out of style... you know what to do!

Great theme for a 50/90 song. As soon as I hit play, I was like wow, I've been missing out by not being as active on this website lately! Really great job, and such wise words of wisdom

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oh destructive can be fun, Hammer, crowbar and ductape and you can fix anything. Nicely done , cool guitar! yes we over complicate stuff!

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great feel to this! i love the topic, the phrasing, the delivery and how it builds. i like how you did a chorus of the last 2 lines of each of the other choruses. this is a really cool song.. enjoyed very much Smile

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Read the title, imagined what this might be about and genuinely laughed out loud when it was *exactly* what I'd hoped it would be. The closing metaphor of "the whole world's a nail" is just one lovely touch in some excellent lyrics. Nice one!

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I found this pretty funny. That's a great chorus. I could imagine some harmonies there. I love the way you describe a hammer as a weight on the end of a stick. This is a good song; it would be fun to hear it with a live, rocking band