Prelude I

Prelude I

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Liner Notes: 

Spiritual turmoil continues


Prelude I - At The Balcony

The moon is a mirror for the horrors in my mind

the night is filled with demons unleashed upon my heart

I'm drowning in the wail echoing from all around

The darkness fills with voices calling out for the light


Set us free from the pain that we're in

We languish and plead only aching for thee

Let us know why we are here

Bleeding and screaming seeking out the one

Set us free from the Hell that's to live

To live apart from Thee

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This is intriguing, love the supernatural melodrama, and the semi-operatic delivery. Also love the fact that this seems to be part of a larger story, or if it isn't, definitely feels that way. Nice work!

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could feel the expectation in the "saying" and sure enough something dramatic came. i really like your rock/operatic fusion melodrama style.

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Gosh, I like creating "fake opera" with you, but you don't need me cos this is great.
I'm liking the touches of dissonance going on here.
Lovely as usual.

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This moves well between the quiet and then loud dynamics, very much a prelude to things to come!