Chip Away [4-track cassette collaboration]

Chip Away [4-track cassette collaboration]

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Liner Notes: 

pfoo - drums
standup - guitar
Vom Vorton - bass
wobbie wobbit - lyrics/vocals


you've got a mountain of things to do
but you simply haven't got it in you
well you know just take it slow
yeah slow and steady is the way to go

just pick at it one thing at a time
hang in there you're doing fine
if that is all you can manage today
well hey, that's ok

take it easy
keep things breezy
it's ok
just chip away

just do a little
gradually whittle
it's ok
just chip away

show yourself a bit of care
don't make it even more of a nightmare
it's good enough to do your best
and that includes just taking a rest

tiny steps is what it takes
just do a little with plenty of breaks
cos it's hard with the weight that is on your mind
so don't beat yourself up now, just be kind


treat yourself with a bit of compassion
it's hard when your energy is on a ration
when it's overwhelming and all too much
treat yourself with a gentle touch

all the seeds that you are sowing
they will grow so keep on going
sometimes it's hard to find the motivation
don't worry now, just be patient

chorus x2

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Hypnotist's picture

Woah - the logistics of doing a four track collab are too much for me to contemplate, but that's so amazing. This song sounds great - the different parts all gel beautifully, and are a great vehicle for the voice. Love the idea of a self-help / advice song. Sage advice too.

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Love it! Great lyric and vocal to finish off the song, love the energy and the message. I wish the other three of us could join in with some backing vox on the chorus! But that would be a postage / technological nightmare, haha

sbs2018's picture

Fun beat, and always a fan of your vocals. Awesome collab accomplishment!

Russ Keys's picture

Great lyric! And a sweet voice. We all need this kind of encouragement these days. Was this an actual 4 track tape or did the tracks come together virtually? Either way, nice collab.

Wolf Kier's picture

What a great idea! good rocking, clever good advice lyric. and Wobbs sounds great on the vocal. And that it's ok, just chip away hook is an earworm for sure. Enjoyed my listen. Smile

cindyrella's picture

This makes me think of songs from when I was really young. So enjoyed it!

Gwyn Jones's picture

Oh yes! More WW great lyrics to a tune that hangs around in the bonce long after it's stuff!

standup's picture

Great job! Thanks for getting that put together.

pfoo's picture

Awesome! The lyrics really resonate with me right now. Love how it turned out! Smile

elesimo's picture

This is so good, I love it! Great job, everyone! Smile

Peter Arvidson's picture

This is really fun, the vintage sound draws me in for repeat listens! Fun and catchy all the way around. Chip awayyyy!

headfirstonly's picture

This really hangs together well, folks. I could never ever get a 4-track to sound this good even with everyone in the same room, let alone posting it all over the place. Those are painfully familiar lyrics these days. I'm very much reduced to chipping away at things rather than taking big strides. Really good writing, Wobbie!

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Would love to see you guys perform this as a live band thing. Feels like it was a lot of fun to do! Great idea for a challenge too. Loved the positivity in the lyrics Smile

richaaaay's picture

Great sentiment to the lyrics. Fun collaboration, particularly given it is recorded on a four track recorder. Enjoyed listening...

nancyrost's picture

Excellent advice - love the vibe of the lyrics, and the laid-back feel of the vocal against the more driving instrumentation.