Here's To The Bartenders

Here's To The Bartenders

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Here's To The Bartenders

Liner Notes: 

Well, I thought this was just going to be a bit of a "throwaway"--I haven't done much country this "season"--but I ended up quite liking it.

And, no--I'm not a bar hound whose mentors have all been bartenders. IT'S FICTION, PEOPLE!!!

(Although I did put away a few Manhattans during Quarantine 1.0--just not at bars!)

I hope you enjoy it!



Words & Music
Jerry Pettit

Spent many an evening
Having drinks in a bar.
Been in quite a few,
Sometimes playing my guitar.
But sometimes went alone,
Just to sit and think.
Or to make some new friends,
That's easier with a drink.

Sometimes when unhappy,
I'd go all by myself.
Had a favorite bar,
There was shelf after shelf
Of my favorite whiskeys.
Bartender always knew
From the look on my face
The appropriate brew.


He was there the first time
That I met my wife.
Helped me through some bad times
In our married life.
Told me he'd been through things,
Learned from his mistakes.
Talked me through my own things,
And my own heartbreaks.

Sometimes talk for hours,
He and I all night.
Even stay past closing,
Until I felt alright.
Wouldn't serve me one too many,
"Son, just have one more..."
Always did respect that,
Because he knew the score.

Long may they serve!
Here's to the bottles
They keep in reserve.
Here's to their listening
When our day's gone rough.
Here's to their judgment
That we've had enough.
Here's to their helping
Make sense of our spouse.
Here's to the times
They gave one on the house.
Here's to how we're made
To feel we belong.
Here's to the times
They have joined us in song.

© 2021, Jerry Pettit

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K.C.'s picture

Love it! Was that you on the fiddle and banjo? I come to really appreciate both over the past 18 mos or so. Love the lyrics, playing and production! Home run in my book!!

Thanks for posting!!


cindyrella's picture

Fab country song with killer lyrics and such great music! Awesome job!

wobbie wobbit's picture

nice guitar solo, and banjo! love all the here's to stuff - works really well... love when the backing vocals come in. great drinking song and you've picked out some great things to toast them for. nice one.

AndreaB's picture

A great country song with just enough woe, but a positive side too. Killer guitar and banjo. That was nice treat. The chorus brings it all home. Really great song!

sbs2018's picture

How could I resist a song about "Bartenders" - but you're so right - people get the wrong impression when somebody talks or sings about bars. If I was judged by my songs, people might think I spend all my time on the dance floor. It's been a few decades since I did that - lol! I really like this one - your melodic style fits it.

Gm7's picture

I will drink to that!..
Great story, I love your story telling. The banjo in the background is cool and a really nice guitar solo.

billwhite51's picture

i like the construction, holding out on leapiing into the chorus til the end, and thn vamping on it for a long time while the celebrants join in oe y one until the while joint is singing along.

coolparadiso's picture

Ah the good ol bartender story. Real country themes. Nice delivery as always. Yup good to hold the chorus and let the story flow.

Saltyjohn's picture

Ha! Love it. Great story, well told in true country fashion.

Gwyn Jones's picture

Bartender Blues written by James Taylor and recorded by George Jones was my favourite bartender I'm not so sure... Smile