Witching Hour

Witching Hour

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Liner Notes: 

The witching hour, or devils hour, when the devil comes out to play and demons and ghosts are said to be at their most powerful. That's why I lie awake at 4am then!


When all your wordly troubles
Are larger than before
And sleep won't let you in
Though you're knocking at its door

Demons Demons
Are running through your brain
At the witching hour
There are things you can't explain

Maybe you done good things
Maybe you done bad
Maybe you done things that
You wish you never had

Demons demons
Keeping you awake
At the witching hour
Small things all seem so great

No-one knows the reasons why
You can never rest your eyes
When the witching hour is here
You lie in fear

The darkest time of night
The hours before dawn
When the spirit world is working
And laughing as you yawn

Demons demons
Playing with your mind
At the witching hour
Terror is all you find

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WoW! Really like this! As I was listening I wanted you sing it faster especially the chorus... But, listening it really creates some great tension for me! Nice work!

Love the lyrics, vox, playing and production!


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nice guitar playing and your vocals flow so easy. nice take on that 4am state of mind, i love sleep wont let you in though you're knocking on its door.

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I tend to be awake at 4am too. Now I am going to have more worries than being tired during the day. Great title! Cool theme. Lovely guitar and vocals. I enjoyed this very much.

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yup good story about that time be it good or bad more the latter here! Nice in its sparseness