Ten Little Minions [track 43 musicated]

Ten Little Minions [track 43 musicated]

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Liner Notes: 

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Then today as well, went back in later and dub'd it up a bit too.

- What a difference a month makes. Sign of an unstable environment; hmmm...

Add to those liner notes the Nassar Victim Survivor testimony today, live, - and AGAIN, "we gotta learn from, study these mistakes"... etc. in the again, Obama Era FBI. How many mistakes? THIS IS THE AMERICAN "F B I".
- Just disband them, let ATF, SS, Border Patrol, US Marshall's, etc., absorb the staff, RAZE the building and - there's a GREAT defunding of duplication of service.

This is a never ending cycle of ~ stupid ~ within Law Enforcement in general and "politics". And each politician up there today, - all took a bow. Yet, if the right person wants to make up krappe and open an investigation, and ferment technical crime charges, - they do. Wow.

So, this song is a general "wrapper" or wrapping for all this stuff Fool as I see it; actually, know it.

This level of stupidity is what's gonna get us all gone and some other country walking across the open border and take over. If you don't get it, - oh, well...



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Like song! Great playing and vox for one take! Nice and clean.

Music really lays well with the vox & lyrics.


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It's a pretty clever remake of 10 little Indians. The message is clear and I like the ending. I like guitar and the way you sing the lyrics. It fits together nicely.

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Nice playing and vocals for sure. The last two lines says it all...

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Goes with some of your other story songs well as this format keeps the lyrics moving along.