Gotta Have Oomph

Gotta Have Oomph

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Liner Notes: 

Was listening to an old 50's song and this idea came. Would love for someone to pick this up.


Gotta Have Oomph
© 2021 Cindy Prince

Down in the wild Everglades
There is always music to be made
Swamp, rock, blues or jazz
All of it full of razzmatazz

Down on a foggy swampy eve
A kind of music you can never leave
You can't stay still it's meant to move
Has a mystical magic groove

It's gotta have oomph
It's gotta go
It's gotta have guitar
And a little banjo
It's gotta verve
It's gotta zing
Gotta have drums
Cause it's gotta sing

Down on a moonless summer night
There is music that's got a bite
Full of pep and a whole lotta spunk
And always a big dose of funk

Down where the gators creep
Where you hear the tree frogs peep
There's some tunes that won't let you go
And I tell you it's some kind of show

Repeat chorus

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I'm diggin' this! Just saw a doc. on lynard skynard and when they were starting out played a shed down by a river they called the swamp house!

This is a great lyric full of wonderful imagery!


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I love the vibe here. The visuals give it an eerie feel. It almost feels like voodoo. I love it!

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Clever lyrics, will make someone a very good song. I bet funk and spunk aren't a rhyme in too many songs!

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Although I've lived in Florida 17 years, I've only been to the Everglades once. Seems like you might stumble on a scene like you describe.
This one could really rock - don't know if I can get to it, though. Going to be traveling without instruments for a few days - going to Ohio to see family!