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Liner Notes: 

i always believed i was born in yesler terrrace, a housing project just north of pioneer square, where seattle's native american winos congregated. bu ti was wrong. my older sister was born there, but i owcame along, my dad had rented a house in ridgecrest, right across the street from the crest movie theatre, which i patronized without parental consent at ages 3 and 4. on my 55th birthday, i played my weekly sunday night set at the rainbow, a music venue that had been seattle's best place to hear music in the 70s and 80s. i had opened for scarlet rivera there and later fronted the first punk band to play there, for my birthday show in the now delipitated drug house, i planned a free jazz trio but the drummer showed up without his drums, so violinist toni marcus and me playing electric guitar in the james blood ulmer tuning, went it alone. the violin/guitar part here is live from the rainbow July 2, 2006. and i added the piano part yesterday. for those who dont know toni marcus. she started as a child prodigy on the jack benny show, played the violin solos on the officer and a gentleman soundtrack, and recorded and toured with van morrison from 79-80. she has done a lot more than that including playing for the whirling dervishes in turkey every year,

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interesting idea to meld your old recording with new stuff. nice violin sound. all the abstract noodling is very atmospheric. really like the ending, with the summertime fading out having had the tiniest of peeks. all in all creates a zoned out headspace/listening experience

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Very cool! I think this is a soundtrack to some of my dreams. I love the way it sort of meanders from one direction to the next. Wonderful!

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Wow! This is something new from you. You certainly have had a life to inspire music from. Love the "sound pallette" here--that violin fits in perfectly.

SUPER interesting and entertaining!

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Very interesting soundscape. Love your production... reminded me of George Martin and the Beatles White Album!


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This is so cool. Parts make me think of a dramatic silent movie, and other parts "The Twilight Zone". So creative - I enjoyed the listen.

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What a backstory! You've put the old and the new together so well here...a bit of 'Summertime' and it feels like a John Cale/Ray Manzarek jam at times...intriguing stuff...

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I'm back for a second listen. Summertime is implied there in the beginning but I didn't notice it the first time around. The whole piece is pretty cool and compelling. Maybe it was for the best that the drummer didn't show up. I kind of feel that this has a pulsing, wavelike quality. I totally found myself rocking back and forth to it. Drums might be cool at some point. I could imagine this blowing up into a noisy Sonic Youth style rocker.