Jesus Will Lead You Home

Jesus Will Lead You Home

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Liner Notes: 

A song about Jesus, your best buddy. Or perhaps about restrained Christian youth. The honeycomb stanza is just plain silly, but I couldn't resist. (The honeycomb, that is.)


When all you wanna do
Is to ramble and roam
Jesus will lead you home

And when you're on your way
To the pleasure dome
Jesus will lead you home

When you go for a swim
With your girlfriend in the nude
Jesus will watch over you

And when you take your girlfriend
For a love love love ride
Jesus will be by your side

When you hit your thumb with a hammer
And you curse and you swear
Jesus will be there

When you go downtown
For a coffee and a honeycomb
Jesus will lead you home

Yeah when all you wanna do
Is to ramble and roam
Jesus will still lead you home

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This has some very fine guitar playing and singing indeed. So rich sounding yet very clean and precise.

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Love the intro acoustic and your vox! There's a steadiness throughout the song that made me think of life's journey, on and on. Liked it a lot!


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Interesting lyrics - the vocals and guitar serve them well! Super good!

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i think ive said it all before on your songs! great emotion created by perfect tone in the vox and a strong guitar to support it!