Gumption Shortage

Gumption Shortage

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Liner Notes: 

Just click on play, and relax. I'll take it from here.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow this is fantastic. Incredibly cinematic and really well arranged and played. Definitely has that “film noir in the 1970s“ vibe!

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Sometimes it’s the feel you get from those first few seconds of hearing a song that draws you in. That certainly happened here. I just buckled in and let the music take me for a ride…and it did. Lots of neat little things going on. Thanks for the ride!

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Really good. Yes, a cop vibe and what a fantastic bass. Great guitar solo.

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Super cool! The vibe reminds me some of some 60's songs. Great!

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i love that groove had me doing that cross beat slow nod chair grooving. it just pushes on with all the guitar bits floating - soaring - on top. Go Uncle RIck!

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Nice! I'm with Wobbie on the slow nod chair groove at work! OH! did I say that out loud! Never had a work groove like this!



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I enjoyed it. My brain liked how it feels slightly trippy, but it's in an organized way...if that makes sense LOL.

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That fat and inviting bass line grabbed me right away.
Yeah, I'm seeing a 70's cop show car chase in my mind.
The percussion really works with this.
I'm not sure how you keep cranking out these high-quality tunes.

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Great headphone mix, the guitars moving back and forth add a certain feeling of uncertainty.