Evening Lake

Evening Lake

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The title matches the mood of the song. I can envision reflecting on life while standing on the edge of a lake and watching clouds in the sky mirrored on the water. Very peaceful…

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Immediately got an image of gentle waves lapping against the shore, birds flying home to roost as the sun begins to set... Lakes are magical places, and this really captures that feeling. Pushing the flute ever-so-slightly further back in the mix and adding a generous dash of reverb to it would help this one, I reckon. But it's lovely as it is, so feel free to ignore me!

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Thank you so much, it was very helpful and I was actually wondering about the levels so adjusted them after your kind comment.

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ooh the flute was a nice surprise, i was just expecting piano. this is so serene but with a twist of melancholy. feels like the sun just drops below the horizon as the song ends. very enjoyable listen

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Boy, you really know how to set a mood. Title is perfect for this.

Another great job!

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Oh, that flute is lovely. There's a delicate flow about it all that is relaxing to listen to. I imagine some birds flying overhead, maybe in a V formation...there's wonder about that too as the notes pass by. Very nicely done.