Worth Noting

Worth Noting

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Liner Notes: 

make it up as you go...

I have goals.
I have plans.

I have a chronic illness and must be reasonable to myself in spite of said goals and plans.

Or my body *will* tell me later.


worth noting perhaps
just for my own reference
that you need to take more time to relax

worth noting perhaps
just for my own reference
that you need to get to bed earlier

worth noting perhaps
just for my own reference
that you don't have a boundless supply of spoons

worth noting perhaps
just for my own reference
that you need to set reasonable goals

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A good message for all of us. We all want to do more than we have the capacity to do. It's a gentle and kind reminder. I liked the little comment at the end of your recording from someone else. It gave a trail off to it.

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"boundless supply of spoons"? I'm sure I don't understand what you're talking about there, but it's a weird in which I really enjoy the weirdness. I think it's quite interesting the way you've written this. Worth noting, "perhaps". Interesting choice of words, as if, if you do note it, it would probably be a good idea, but kind of giving the impression that you may not heed your own advice. Of course, don't we all ignore ourselves regularly? Nicely done with the whistle at the end.

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What an excellent and wonderfully self-aware write and performance! And whistling for the win! Really interesting chord progression too- nice work!

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Oh, how I can relate to this... The spoons thing made me smile, but I did include an unwarranted and completely illogical reference to 'a discount set of steak knives' in a recent song, so clearly cutlery is a theme whose time has come this year.

Look after yourself, mate. As Count Rugen famously said, "If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything."

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More Whistling!!! You're up there with bing crosby and billy joel! I love to whistle and would often do so when working alone! Never could record it though because I'd always end up smiling/laughing at my attempt! LMAO! Great job!

Love the song, performance and production. I'd write more but I have to get to bed!!

Can you enlighten us on the spoons line? Are they plastic one use and tossed, dishwasher or sink is full, need them for daily doses, soup, cereal?

Great song!!