Annabel Waits

Annabel Waits

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Liner Notes: 

Music to come


annabel waits
to make the right move
she'll be waiting forever
permission will not be granted so easily
it happens next to never

i tried to reach my annabel
whisper the next move
i know someday we'll think of something better
it ain't perfect but it'll do

but annabel waits
annabel waits (x11)

i tried to reach my annabel
but she's shut the door
she don't know her own power
what is she settling for

i think she wants perfection
the enemy of the good
if i could just convince her
i would

but annabel waits
annabel waits (x11)

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Like the title Annabel Waits, nice. Some nice lines here like she shut the door, don't know her own power, or what she's settling for..