A Subway Beginning

A Subway Beginning

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[ Keywords ]

City, Awe, Mural, Adventure, The Little Things in Life, Dream-like, Bustle, Start, Fun

[ Inspo ]

“ let’s go see the whole city!”
“oh ... best we pass that station 6 pm, it would be PACKED with tourists”

Visiting a best friend who lives in New York and being impressed by everything. Taking a subway to go down a couple of blocks to pick up this humongous artichoke pizza (since the place is small, they don’t do delivery. But it's THE BEST pizza.

YT video - Classical music (and impromptu ballet) in the subway)www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh8AcKzm3Uw

One time in New York, the arguable #1 concert violinist in the world performed at the Subway Station and nobody recognized him.

[ Story ]

A New York moment. The beginning of a story.

A phenomenal saxophonist plays music with a band. They became very popular. People give them money and buy their CDs from one of the member’s opened guitar cases.

This kind of thing is normal for the New Yorkers. Most go about their day usually without a second glance towards the subway musicians.

But if you stop and listen or look closely, these subway musicians are New York's finest, world-class performers housed living in the Big Apple - and they’re just doing their crafts in the streets for everyone to watch them for free!

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Nice beats and really cool sax line for the lead!