Soaring Through the Nebula - Ad Astra Legends # 8

Soaring Through the Nebula - Ad Astra Legends # 8

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Liner Notes:

Music is from Fawm 2019.
Video is new.

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It reminded me of diving, but not pleasure diving, evidence retrieval, the murky darkness (not the "space" shots), - looking, feeling around, catching a glimpse. I remember some heavy fog in the mountains like that too. No kind of lighting helped. Again, the music fit.

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This music is a perfect fit here. I got a driving through a storm memory from this. There used to be a really good late night classical radio station here, was driving through one of th worst hailstorms I've seen and everytime lightning would flash it would fuzz out the station that was playing some 45ish minute symphony piece at the time that I had blaring. It was much like this video, thrilling and a bit terrifying at the same time. I kept having to force myself to slow down even though I was the only idiot on the highway, I really didn't want to get a windshield busted out.

Those almost lightning sounding hits the one in the beginning especially really brought that memory back, and let me in anticipation for more. Another really excellent video and song! This one might be my favorite so far as a complete package.