Pallas - Ad Astra Legends # 7

Pallas - Ad Astra Legends # 7

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Liner Notes:

Music is from Fawm 2020.
Video is new.

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For some reason, I had no audio, but the video was playing, - I've never seen that. Anyway, it came up, so likely my side of it was the issue.
Anyway, intense, but fits, and I like the more black and white of this one.

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No problem with audio here. Not an object I was familiar with so did some reading as well, so thanks! Some of those light coming and going off the surface shots are amazing(as it all is), another really mesmerizing piece that had me glued and left me feeling stoned even though I've just woken up from a nap. I was glued to the screen and don't think I blinked until the sun hit me in the eyes. More really great work! I don't remember this piece of music, but its excellent as well those driving drums really add something almost menacing.