Green mosquito miracle question

Green mosquito miracle question

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Liner Notes: 

I had come up with some chords and a melody I was playing on this 12-string guitar. I didn't have any idea of a lyric, and was in the Tuesday night chat here (see forum for link, its a fun thing for a number of us...) and before I left I said to everyone else there, 'just call out some words, noun verb etc' and I'll see if I can use it for a song. Someone said 'green' someone said 'mosquito' someone said 'miracle' and someone said 'question' and .. there ya have it.

kind of became one of those ecological-catastrophe in the future songs, perhaps? who knows, it was fun to do.


The green mosquito miracle question
Will one day occupy our minds
We thought we had it all figured out
but to that one we were blind

who could have known
when the insects mutated
they would take over all of the sky
now we’re caught between the locusts and the lobsters
wondering why

the centipedes in a Siberian grassland
found a melting mastodon
and all their offspring multiplied exponentially
what do you think they’ll feed on

who could have known
a new genus a new species
another extinction from on high
now we’re caught between the lemurs and the lions
wondering why

The green mosquito miracle question
Is it too late
Will the green mosquito miracle question
Be our fate?

(c) MS 2021

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How did you get this done so fast?!?!?! This is actually quite a cool song and I really like how you brought in so many different visuals on it. The chord progression really works too.

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oh nice whistling. dunno how you managed to get such sense from that title. an interesting scenario and top job on doing the song so fast! nice to see you in the zoom

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Very delightful 70s folk-rock sound to the chord progression and a great eco-apocalyptic lyric.

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the 12 string brings tim buckley to mind, and your vocals are excellent...lyrics and melodies kept sway over my ears and mind, and i especially liked the chorus

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I think with me that makes 3 of us who suggested the words. Its a really cool song, the lyrics are inspired for sure. Well played!

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Sounds like I missed a good chat and it is amazing you came up so quickly with a song that hangs together so well from the random prompts you were given. Great 12 string guitar sound and playing and fun use of whistling. I love the pseudoscience philosophical feel of the lyrics. Fun song and great process!

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Great guitar and very creative write. Very amusing song. Great storytelling.