Burnt Out by Early September

Burnt Out by Early September

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Improv 776: Burnt Out by Early September (Vardes accordion)

Liner Notes: 

When it's the first week of school, and you're already feeling overwhelmed and as if you've utterly had it, you follow this accordion music AND JUST PLOUGH FULL SPEED AHEAD WITH NO REGARD FOR DYNAMICS OR SUBTLETY AND AVOID A GLORIOUS FLAMING WRECK VIA SHEER AUDACITY.

And then you cry.

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i am really enjoying your improvisations, they have such a strong composition for improvisations. very engaging - enjoyed again

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This sounds to me like walking through a very ominous carnival or circus. And there are most definitely creepy clowns there. Just like the first week of school! Smile I'm quite impressed with your improvs too. They sound more composed than my actual songs. :P Excellent work. You're an awesome musician.

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Aye..I hear the wind in the Scottish highlands on a cool sept morn. NIce improv not an easy skill to master.