Alondra (Piano and Tongue Drum Duet)

Alondra (Piano and Tongue Drum Duet)

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Liner Notes: 

Here it is - song number 50!
I did the original "Alondra" for 50/90 2017 - acoustic guitar and tongue drum. Then, early in this year's 50/90, I added words and re-did on ukulele.
This time around I added a bridge and did it on electric piano and tongue drum. Back in 2017, I had trouble mic-ing the drum. Did better this time, I think.
Tongue drum, by the way, is made of padouk wood - it's played with mallets, and mine is in the key of D.

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Congrats on 50!!! That’s huge. Fun vibe to this with the electric piano. Sounds like there have been lots of incarnations of Alondra. Very cool…

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Love the sound and the happy melody. The keys flow beautifully and the mellow tones of the tongue drum are perfect. Creates a very happy easy going relaxed feel. Enjoyed immensely!