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Matchmaker (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

This was another fun one that started with an old idea from a few years ago, which was just the "matchmaker won't you find me a match because I'm ready to meet my match." (Damn I am really clearing these out! I'm so proud of myself, been meaning to do this for years!) Then recently the bridge (the "handsome man ... fireplace/side of the lake" lines) just kind of came to me in the middle of the night, so I shoved that in there but I think it goes really well. I'm pretty happy with the verses, chords, and overall melodies I came up with. There are some sloppy lines and poor word choices in there imo, but overall I think it's a keeper with some changes.


I'm tired of the false covers
I have to fix to my most treasured books
Tired of hiding my true colors
I'm tired of the funny looks
That I get when I tell my truth
And I know that out there somewhere
He may be hiding his too

Matchmaker, won't you find me a match?
I need some help to reel in a good catch
Matchmaker, won't you find me a match?
Because I'm ready to meet my match, I'm ready to meet my match

I'm tired of the endless boredom
From conversations that just don't challenge me
And they never get me to go exploring
That's what I get for taking the easy way
When I'd rather be impressed
Find me that one man
Whose hands are coated in that same telltale shade of red

And in my dreams I see a handsome man sitting by a fireplace
That man's for me
And in my dreams I see a handsome man sitting by the side of a lake
That man's for me
They say it's never easy, I just wanted it to be easy
And I'll know him when I see him, but why haven't I seen him yet?

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