Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake

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Liner Notes: 

The other night I awoke at 3am. Unable to sleep I started reading through some lyrics posted on 50/90. I should have been sleeping but I've got no regrets. Kristi's lyrics are really fantastic, and not just on this song. Personally, the sentiment of this song put me a little out of my comfort zone. It is not anything I would necessarily choose to sing about but the lyrics are so well written and sonically they matched perfectly with some music I had. Very happy to have embarked on this journey.

After laying down the guitar and vocals I reached out to Petra Schwartoff, a friend of my brother's, and asked if she would consider playing some violin on this song. Graciously she agreed. Then she turned it up a notch and added some cello and harmonies. She's the real deal so I lucked out...

Thanks Kristi...Hope you enjoy this...



I won’t forget the times you
Flipped the script
Made me the bad guy when
You were the culprit

I won’t digest the lies you’re
Cookin’ up
Had my head spinning
But I still drank from the cup

Oh, make no mistake
I know how to forgive
But that doesn’t mean
I have to live like you live
You take and you take
Steal the light from the blind
But I see you now
It’s not all in my mind
Make no mistake it's not in my mind

I won’t succumb to sweet nothings
That you can’t spell
I already know
Your heart doesn’t melt

I won’t deprive myself of
Someone who cares
You’re an imposter
With nothing to share

Oh, make no mistake
I know how to forgive
But that doesn’t mean
I have to live like you live
You take and you take
Steal the light from the blind
But I see you now
It’s not all in my mind
Make no mistake it's not in my mind

Something felt off
Too many locks to unlock
Is it too hard to be kind
Is the bridge too far to cross
Is it too hard to be kind
Is it too hard to be kind
Is it too hard to be kind

©2021 Kristi McKeever

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Very beautiful song and collaboration. I have to say this is what I do during the nights, often. Kristi's lyrics are very special and they are so wonderful to discover. Very inspiring. You brought very special connection with the words, the atmosphere and they melodious, very beautiful feeling. Love the instrumentation. How wonderful to create it together with Petra. You are a good team! 3-way gorgeous collaboration.

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Wow, those lyrics are heavy, and ultimately very empowering. Rich, your playing on this is stunning, love the little moments where the guitar echos the vocal melody. Real classy. And then, yeah, you absolutely lucked out! Having an actual live violinist/cellist play on your track AND add harmonies… they all sound brilliant. I really enjoyed my listen. Awesome collab.

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I really like this. The melody sneaks up on you, and the lyrics are exquisitely put together, delivering a body blow with a velvet glove. Love the gentle harmonies and the main vocal delivery. A work of art, IMO.

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Yup was a top lyric, i am using the violin a fair bit myself and when its done subtly like this is unbeatable. This is a very good song! well done all 3 of you

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Gorgeous violin. Too bad I didn’t try harder to play it in the 5th grade, I think it was. Lovely vocals and guitar for the lyrical story.

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Okay, so this is gut wrenching! Your vocal is very sincere and the harmonies are so lovely. I like how the melody surrounds the lines. The guitar, cello and violin create an emotional story in and of themselves with a delicate, gentleness that kind of washes of you. Super stuff! It's really a moving song. I really appreciate you inviting Petra in on this! Thank you both very much for giving life to these lyrics!

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Rich, your vocals are so deep and silky smooth! They sound amazing here. They're very reassuring. This beautiful arrangment would be healing after a rough day. "is it too hard to be kind?". All string arrangements--the cello, your guitar, and the violin--gorgeous! The strings pull at my heart strings! That chorus is so powerful in its truth. The lyrics cut me in the good way, Kristi. The way of feeling understood. One can forgive for their own well-being, but not reconcile also for their well-being...I'm so moved. Good lyrics do that to you!!

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Good stuff. I knew kristi's great lyric would inspired something wonderful and voila! Beautiful treatment of the idea and bonus instrumentation to take it even further. Enjoyed my listen.

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Powerful lyrics from Kristi and love your treatment of them.. guitars and strings both very beautiful.. lovely soft vocals. make no mistake it's not in my mind hook is strong melodically and lyrically in my opinion!

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This is such a powerful lyrics and amazing collaboration! Really well done, Rich, Kristi and Petra!

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Setting a great mood with the guitar, and the violin is there but holding back appropriately, that’s a nicely-done part. Oh, then the cello, nice change. Could have come in earlier, maybe.

The lyric is great, this is what it’s like being with a narcissist: gaslighting and casual cruelty. It’s not too hard to be kind, it just doesn’t interest them all that much.

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Can't go wrong with Kristi's lyrics. She REALLY inspired something in you with this one--great vocal and I'm loving the guitar.

Cello and violin? [chef's kiss]

Great collaboration!

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Yes, the 3am hour can be "magical", musically speaking, - time well spent.

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Soft, quiet mellow and reflective tones in the music. Very beautiful Richaaaay. The questions are understood, and revelations are forthcoming . Love the lyric as well Kristi.

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My goodness! This is a wonderful song...put me in mind of John Prine...whom I love...beautifully written and performed and really heart tugging...exceptional artistry from you all!