Skintight Attitude

Skintight Attitude

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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes ideas come from just one word. Today that word was skintight.


Skintight Attitude
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I've been stuck
Down in the muck
Time to take it to town

I've been mad
Time to get glad
Somethin' big's goin' down

I've been crazy
Much to lazy
But that's gonna change

I've been alone
Down to the bone
I'm goin' free range

I've got a skintight attitude
I've got a change in plans
But I'm gonna be shrewd
Won't take just any man
I've got an upbeat mentality
A brand new positive style
I'm changin' my locality
Cause it's sure been awhile

I'll try to be good
Just like I should
But it'll be hard to call

I'll try to do well
But you can never tell
If there'll be a brawl

I'm tired of a black hole
Gonna make a goal
Gonna party into the night

I'm never goin' back
Yeah, that's a fact
And I'm gonna wear 'em tight

Repeat chorus

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Preach! I love the positivity in this, although the lines "But you can never tell / If there'll be a brawl" hint that things might end up getting somewhat out of hand later on. All the better! More songwriting material will result, so have at it!

Fascinating how just a single word cascades into all of this. How awesome our muses can be.