Inch Deep and a Mile Wide

Inch Deep and a Mile Wide

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Liner Notes: 

Radio phone ins seem to encourage people with opinions on pretty much everything, views that are an inch deep and a mile wide.
Of course this is what keeps these shows going, who would want to listen to people who actually know what they're talking about?


Just an ordinary day
Doing ordinary things
When something came my way
That made me stop and think

A voice I recognised
With a talking show
Spouting drivel and lies
On the radio

People phoning in
Trying to impress
With regurgitated views
From the tabloid press

Inch deep and a mile wide
Inch deep and a mile wide

They knew about this
And they knew about that
They were quick to dismiss
Anybody with facts

Inch deep and a mile wide
Inch deep and a mile wide

The talk show host
Rubbed their egos like a lamp
And encouraged them to boast
Of their ignorance

Inch deep and a mile wide
Inch deep and a mile wide

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There sure is a whole lot of truth to this one! I love the guitar and feel of it!

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the refrain sounds classic cool and the verses spell out what is killing the art of rational discourse.

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“Regurgitated views from the tabloid press.” Brought a smile, even though it’s scary-funny, Good hook and well presented. Glad I saw this.

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interesting seems since your return you have a more chilled style. nice clean and clear! guitar stars! got that kinks, zombies feel. very nice

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Trifecta!!! Heard three top quality songs of yours today. I think this one may be my favorite. The refrain is super catchy, really like the vibe of this. All three had stellar guitar work. Enjoyed listening to them all…

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I’d never heard the saying before, and from a quick google I really like the way you’ve inverted it - gives it a much better flow for the purposes of a song. As a result it’s a really catchy, earwormy hook! Love the way you build up the arrangement through the course of the opening verses, and that little guitar figure that echoes the first lines of the verses is awesome. Great point too, the one that springs to mind is the James O’Brien LBC show, particularly in the couple of years post 2016. Some champion idiots on there Smile