Dulcet Tones

Dulcet Tones

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Liner Notes: 

Georgie sent me these lovely lyrics about certain sounds that are so pleasing to the ear...

Gwyn did an amazebo job at matching my lyrics with this lush dulcet soundscape!


The sound of water trickling over rocks in a cascade
The bird twitter at dusk as they chat about their day
The breeze in the birch trees rustling leaves above
These are the dulcet tones that I love

The murmur of the children playing way off in the distance
Your carefree happy whistling every morning in the kitchen
The whirring and the ticking of our busy house because
These are the dulcet tones that I love

The crunching of the gravel under wheels upon the drive
I know that it’s your car every time that you arrive
The click and the twist of your house key in the lock
These are the dulcet tones that I love

The glug of the wine as it’s filling up your glass
The snapping and the cracking of the ice cubes as they melt
Your laughter so warm I could never get enough
These are the dulcet tones that I love

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Ahh this is so very pleasing to the ear.. enjoying your dulcet tones Gwyn.. you are a crooner! Good job and the lyrics are so vivid. Love it.

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The way the harmonies come in on the refrain lines is immense! Great structure to the lyrics, I love that kind of three line then pay off thing. Although the way Gwyn's changed the melody in verse three is very clever (as is the linking of crunching gravel to a loved one arriving home). Nice little instrumental section too. Wonderful to have a song about dulcet sounds that also sounds dulcet itself Smile

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This sure is pleasing to the ear! What fabulous harmonies and such gorgeous lyrics! Made me sigh!

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when gwyn and georgie get together, you never know what will be coming out of the oven.. but you know it will be good, and that you will probably want a second helping,

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Very pleasant...The gently strumming guitar. The smooth vocal delivery. The piano. Great lyrics and fun topic for a song.

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A classic happy song! very easy to listen to! great harmonies! should be compulsory listening if you are a bit down!

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The vocal trill you do while singing "tones" is so so so pleasing to the ear! Sounds lovely! You two make such a good songwriting team. This was such an uplifting listen. Thank you!

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So soothing. Words music and vocals make for an experiential listen in the delightful vein of "my favorite things". Well done on another great collab.

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Lovely sensory images that conjure so many wonderful sounds and special loving memories - great lyrics! The music with the easy flow and perfect phrasing deliver the lyrics perfectly to create an uplifting and happily reflective song. Fabulous collaboration!

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I'm in a quandary: Do I like when Gwyn sings Georgie tunes, or do I like when Georgie sings Gwin tunes.

I think I'm going to have to hear more before I decide.

More like this one. Great job again, you two!

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The Cooper-Jones gang rides again! What a splendid combo the two of you are. Just great in every way. Smile Lovely music. Lovely lyrics. Lovely.