Space Bop

Space Bop

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Liner Notes: 

This was a technical exercise. It started as a chord progression in Band-in-a-Box, went to Reaper as MIDI files, then to Maschine where the tracks became patterns, went through MIDI editing, and had instruments assigned. Finally, it all went back to Reaper as audio for mixing and final effects.

The basic idea was to establish that the various pieces of software would work together and to learn which ones did what best.


Musically, the idea was to take some jazz phrases into space. Smile

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It is a great idea to play around like this, ive done a bit with Akai MPK, ,zoom pedal, Reason, Realband, and Mixcraft plus plenty of plug ins. some good and a couple of spectacular failures! This has come out nice, swingy slightly jazzy! well done

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This has a nice light and airy feel to it. Sounds like you were having fun.

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You were definitely having fun, I'll warrant. That clarinet leads us through an entertaining selection of chord changes but the handclaps reassure us that we're not going to encounter anything too unsettling. Love that big, woozy detuned synth pad. I was just getting into the groove on this when it stopped!