Dinner Time

Dinner Time

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Liner Notes: 

A few worn lines in this one. May go back and edit, but I have a feeling it may end up in the bin to be honest.


Table set and dinner made
Every single bill is paid
Keeping up appearances
Now if only she would have stayed

The sun is sinking in the west
I got too much time to rest
I gambled and I took my chances
But a man can only do his best

Life goes on for another day
Some old dreams will drift away
Some retreat and some advance
And some will lead your heart astray

Life is only what it is
It's always sort of hit and miss
You cast your nets to catch a romance
But sometimes a kiss is just a kiss

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Oh yes...Old Lost John...You've been found...Or returned after a long absence. So nice to listen to your songs again. Exquisite guitar playing and interesting songs presented with a laid back effective vocal delivery...

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Please don't consign this to the bin! Smile Your playing is genuinely some of the best I've heard all 50/90. I don't know enough Richard Thompson to make a comparison, but that's the name that comes to mind. There's a world weary, bleakness to the lyrics too, they're very beautiful, and it really complements your vocal style.

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I am with David, tweak away but there is plenty in this worthwhile! great guitar again

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Love the guitar. Sounds lonely from the git go. A perfect match for the lyrics. And the grit in your vocal captures the tired melancholy.