Pointless F*ckers

Pointless F*ckers

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Liner Notes: 

I know a title like this limits the song's audience and I thought about recording it as "Pointless People" but that's not me particularly, so here it is in all its foul mouthed glory. Lyrically I appreciate it's a bit obtuse but I just nailed what I was trying to say in two verses and choruses, so whatever Smile


As we waddle ever nearer
End of another historical era
Only one question springs to mind
What legacy do we leave behind?

Where do pointless fuckers go?
Don't pretend that you don't know.
(Oh you pointless fuckers, oh you pointless fuckers)
You know the answer - the history books.
They give the future supercilious looks.
(Oh you pointless fuckers, oh you pointless fuckers)

As we stumble ever closer
To civilization's final close
So few leave a legacy
Compared to the so many

Pointless fuckers. Where do they go?
Don't pretend that you don't know -
(Oh you pointless fuckers, oh you pointless fuckers)
Problem is which side of the divide,
This bland debate, where do I lie?
(Oh you pointless fuckers, am I pointless fuckers?)
I really do not know

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LMAO...love this ..straight to the freaking point!

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Gloriously ranty and totally in keeping with the hellscape that this country is becoming. Huge fun.

The answer, of course, is that they get a cushy seat in the House of Lords and spend their dotage coining it in still further. Not even being brain dead will stop them.

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Hmmm, great track; which civilization is this, or just the whole steaming pile on the blue ball, 3rd rock from the sun. Anyway, great track; probably better not to be specific, - pointless really to do so, likely.