It Is What It Isn't

It Is What It Isn't

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Liner Notes: 

So this is my remix of Julian Gray's "It Is What It Isn't" song released on Mau5Trap via Dead5Mau, samples courtesy of Sonic Academy remix contest. Adding my vocals as a duet gave me another opportunity to play with my new CLA Vocals Plugin by Waves, going for texture and not timing, which ended up as an echoey technique - lol! The contest is now over so this was done for fun.


Lyrics courtesy of Julian Gray.

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Listening now, sounds great! Love the vocal overdubs. Okay, it is over now it sounded really really good I like it. You're quite a producer. Great job on this

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Hey, I really enjoyed this like I do all your stuff. Have I ever recommended "Melodyne" to you? It's not just for vocal tuning (and I use it on every track that I sing and also use it to generate some of my harmonies), but you can use it to fix TIMING issues also--so that your vocal "shadowing" could have been pretty much spot on. It breaks down your vocals syllable by syllable and then you can move them around with a mouse to line up perfectly with Mr. Gray's vocal. I think there are versions of Melodyne that are around fifty bucks or so (on sale), but I think it is worth it at double the price.

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Not a fan of Melodyne’s interface. Here I’m focusing on what the CLS plugin has to offer, which is vocal styling, adding vocal textural effects - not timing or pitch. Besides, I kinda thought the echoy thing was a fun effect. Smile

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I love that effect you’re getting from shadowing the vocal. Sounds awesome! I have the CLA guitar plugin, should prob try the vocal one. If it’s anything like the guitar, it’s prob great for situations where you need a very specific sound, maybe not to use all the time? Sounds cool here mind you!!

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Belated congratulations on hitting the 50. Great production on this one and yes, the delay is very effective.

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Interesting, sounds really spacey. I like the echoing. Good collab.