Black Limo

Black Limo

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Liner Notes: 

A strange encounter. A strange dream perhaps. It didn't happen in real life, I made it up.


A long black limousine
And somerone's at the door
Says "You may not remember me
But we've met before"

"You better give up your possessions
You won't need them anyway
In the place where you're going
You can't tell the night from day"

Told me to sign a paper
As he put a pencil in my hand
But I ain't gonna sign my soul away
Not to the devil nor to another man

So I took my rifle and shot him
Straight between the eyes
But he just laughed and said
"We got one just about your size"

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billwhite51's picture

spooky murder ballad ihas excellent lyrics masterfully delivered with gorgeous guitar accompaniment

richaaaay's picture

So nice to hear this beautiful guitar playing and well crafted song.

headfirstonly's picture

Deliciously spooky. The quiet delivery really helps sell the story, and what a great story it is. Love the guitar, too.

davidtaro's picture

Love those lyrics, very cool twist at the end. Nice title too! Guitar playing stellar as always Smile

coolparadiso's picture

good to hear you again! top song! it all holds together so well!