That actor

That actor

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Liner Notes: 

My friend is in love with a shady guy who happens to be a famous actor (can't say who, I'm sworn to secrecy!)... He is prone to messing her about. I thought I'd write about it!

Open to feedback on anything... I took aaagges with the chorus lyrics on this one ... so ideally don't tell me to change that Smile

Also is there anything I can add to this to make it a fuller sound.... any suggestions welcome!


Verse 1

What you doing chasing that actor again?

He ain't in touch with his feelings and he'll only let you down again

Don't you need someone real to love?

Not a phoney who makes his living being someone he's not

He’s got you caught up in his little web of lies
Smooth in his delivery of hollow lines
don't go falling in love
why you gotta fall in love with that actor

Verse 2
You’re holding on to the hope that maybe one day he will stay
But as soon as he’s had his fun he’ll jet back to L.A
Leave you wondering if he ever really loved
Or was it all a dream you woke up too fast from?

He will break your heart, like he’s playing a part
don’t go falling in love, why you gotta get in love, with that actor


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Awesome vocals, truly awesome. Hard theme, sad, but strong, intimate but powerful. Now I'm super curious

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Oddly i heard early rolling stones ballads here somewhere! Nice light and shade in the vocals and harmonies. Top chorus. Very fine song.

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Terific sounding song with great vocals, guitar and lyric.

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Really really nice. The concern for the friend is palpable in the tone/delivery of the vocal and gentle undertow by the guitar.
"Fuller" is in the ear of the beholder.... Sounds pretty full to this arrangement.. And if you gave the tracks to any production minded person on here, and said, make it fuller, it would come out different from each.... but if you mean some strings? Or a synth? Or a little triphop beat? Or a bass (stand up maybe?) There's a lady on FAWM @fearlessflight I think, or something very similar, very talented, Australain, does brilliant stand up bass, maybe propose she collab on this idea in Feb. It's a fine, fine song would stand up to any production/arrangement (even genre) treatment you might want to give to it. Well done. Enjoyed my listen.

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This is so so good. My vote is it needs nothing more to fill it out. If I was gonna add anything maybe some bass but it works as is. The vocals do the job perfectly and the electric guitar is all you need. It has a unique feel to it and it’s beautiful. The post chorus bridge just takes it home, where the reverb and slight echo are the such a nice touch. Yum…

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I'm not sure it needs anything to sound fuller, it's already brilliant as it is. The chorus gives me Fleetwood Mac vibes, it's so good. And I'm going to be playing a game of guess the arsehole actor for the rest of the evening Wink

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The harmonies here are wonderful. The story (very intriguing..who could it is a genuine looking-out-for-a-friend story and you deliver it so well. I particularly like how you repeat those lines at the end. It's like trying to get her out of her spell. It's very effective. Music sounds just fine to me! Well done!

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I like the harmonies on the chorus, great sound.

Quite a story too — falling for someone whose entire life is based on being not real. Too bad it’s based on a true story, hope your friend gets through OK.

As far as the sound, the vocal harmonies shine, and I really like the minimal presentation. I could imagine a very subtle drummer playing with brushes, and maybe upright bass playing a simple supporting part? But there’s really nothing wrong with what you’ve got.

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Wow! This is terrific! A really, really incredible vocal over a VERY interesting "story". Hope your friend comes out of this okay...

Great, great song!

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Great title and lyric and those vocals...superb! Sorry about the inspiration for this song but maybe if your friend heard this well intentioned cautionary song?

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I second Gwyn and Jerry--what an incredible vocal and honest lyric. I, too, hope your friend gets through this! Sounds like she has a lovely support system with you though Smile

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As far as your question of fuller, it just depends. It could go full symphony, or stay just as it is and be quite nice either way. Like Wolf said as well, ask 100 different people and you'll get 100 different answers/results. This is a perfect template that could go any genre direction you wanted to take it though, IMO the mark of a truly great song, but sometimes sparse and simplistic and honest to the point is best. I really like this as it is. If I was to add anything though it would be just some subtle drumming, maybe some quiet screaming electric in the chorus, but that's me and what I like to listen to Biggrin

edit: LOL, I'm not laughing at you ...... be assured of that, it's amazing it sounds as good as it does being a mono file! There's a million different tricks and everyone will have their own "answers" but if you have any individual tracks, just spreading them out and around a stereo field will do wonders. For instance maybe the guitar leans a little to the Left channel, the vocals Right or vocals full L and full R guitar down the center, some of the double vocals coming down the center or swirling/panning around through all degrees of the stereo field, like I said a million different tricks and it just takes experimentation to find what you think works best for you. I just assumed that might be the case here as well since that last one I played with was also a mono track and I was even more floored by how great it sounded. Even just doubling/tripling/quadrupling up this mono track and spreading it around a stereo field will give it a "fuller" sound for sure.

Great tune! I'd be happy to play with it if you want. I've got a few other things I'm working on, but could have something before 50/90 is up. Really like this lyrically too as well, as that actor, doesn't have to be your true story situation with your friend.......anyone in a relationship in bad faith is that actor, great work!

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lovely! the vocals and harmonies are gorgeous and i love the concept of the song. Smooth in his delivery of hollow lines and other acting metaphors used as real life behaviour works really well. lovely song