Apple Leaving the Tree

Apple Leaving the Tree

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Very abstract and dreamy, almost impressionistic, the strings that carry the melody are simply beautiful as the melody is. Love the shocks and contrasts. Aweosme soundscape, took me away

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love the struggle of the little clickity clack making its voice heard in that big universe of sound.

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I used to have an ancient apple tree in my yard.
The best apples I've ever eaten.
Had to reach for the high ones, though, cos the horse ate all the low-hanging ones.
Great extreme stereo separation.
That wood block sound is amusing for some reason.
I'm imagining this to a slow-motion film of an apple falling to the ground.
Look at it twist and turn as it plummets.
I'm detecting a bit of melancholy in this one; the apple is a bit apprehensive of leaving.
Nice work once again.