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Liner Notes: 

I just wrote a full arrangement.
This is not my usual way of doing things.
I usually work from a loop with all of the elements I've written.
Ironically, it came out a lot more loop oriented than when I do things my normal way.
Then I let it stir for a while to see if I wanted to add vocals or something.
I did.
Then I considered a sax while procrastinating a bit more, and decided for it.

I synthesized the main pad and came up with the chord progression for it, then the kick, then the clap, then the 303, and so on. I knew what bar 81 needed, and came up with it when I got to bar 81, and so on every 16 bars for the whole song pretty much.

Lastly there was another break for procrastination before I recorded all the automations and called it done, and here we are~


It was a long and rocky road
Through the alleys of my mind, the known and untold
I felt her brush just past, she made me smile
I was her, she was me, the trip was all worthwhile

I found myself, among the wrecked
It wasn't easy, I was bereft
Not even in my dreams could I have cracked
It is all that I have left
I'm by myself, So I retrospect

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The dramatic soundscape is very intense, your vocals are ethereal and ghostlike This mix is unbeatable even before the drums hit. Very compelling and intricate track

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I love the section that starts at 2.03 with those sweet vocals...super cool! It is long track with many moving parts but they do work well together....spooky in places.