Pest (Gm7 & DJTJB)

Pest (Gm7 & DJTJB)

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Liner Notes: 

Gm7: Guitar
Nahlej: Guitar/Bass VI/Production
DJTJB: Keys/vocals/production

Shout out to "The Pest" we love you johnny legs!

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Resolutely lo-fi and full of looping goodness; those drums are solid. Do I hear a talkbox being employed on a guitar here? Crikey, that takes me back to the days of Peter Frampton...

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Dreamy, tense and intense. It's a definite nod to trip hop which I love

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That riff guitar line tone (phased wah?) in the open and solo is killer. Really really nice.
This really grooves along hanging off that rich rich bass line/tone. Well done all of you. Really enjoyed.

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The guitar sound was a distorted vocal from a guitar VST menu (iZotope ) I added some reverb/compression ...spooky sound ! Like an alien voice!

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Production magic…That driving bass, whatever that noise is at 1:52. Fun listening to this and your other collaborations. Just plain goodness…

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That sound at 1.52 was a muted Bm at the 7th fret and i hit the strings over the pickup with my pen,,,spooky isn't it.

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Niiiiiice!! I listened 2x in a row. Such an ambient cool song. Loving that guitar and beat! The overall production is top notch.